Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photo sharing on my convcation :)

OK, let me share some of the pictures taken during the convocation day. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Convocation Day

Attended my convocation day on last Saturday with my son, wife and parent. Different feelings this time as I spent most of my day with family members on this special occassion. It was not like my previous convocation in Australia, spending the whole week with all my best friends. This is the 1st time I exposed to local U convocation, different ceremony, language and activities. I received my master degree from Sultan Kedah this time.. while receiving the master, we have to say "Menjunjung kasih" - the Istana language - means Thank you. I just feel that the whole ceremony duration was too long (from 7:30-1pm.. my God)! Too many speeches.. and it took at least 20 mins per speech. It was very hot out there and we just took few pictures right after the ceremony..too tired to stay back, it was so crouded too. Nice experience and this might be my last convacation unless I persue for further study again.. which I dont think so! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mind Mapping - Tony Buzan

I was attending Tony Buzan's (Mind Maps Guru) seminar talk on yesterday. It was a nice talk and we really enjoyed and have learned something new from there.I and my wife were very interested in this particular learning method as the method applied with the education business that we are currently persuing. "Buzan has changed the lives of millions with the Mind Maps, his revolutionary system of note-taking that will help us excel in every area of our life.". I've purchased 2 books during the seminar talk - "The ultimate book of mind maps" & "Mind Maps for kids". I hope to learn from the books and apply the study method to my kids... of course, to our students too!!! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Convocation day is right in the corner...

Convocation day is right in the corner!! No special feelings this time, perhaps I've waited too long for this particular event. Or maybe this is not my very 1st convocation I don't really feel excited this time.

Actually I've completed my MBA study since November last year but I've miss the opportunity to join the 1st session of UUM 21st convocation day in March, as my final results were only out by end of February, so I have to wait for almost one year to attend another session. I will collect the 'jubah' (gaun) this weekend, will have to travel all the way to Sintok (an 'ulu' place).. Next Saturday will be the actual day of the convocation day. Mmmm...mixed feelings now, not too excited but I am looking forward to attend this special occassion with my family :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to technical field.. soon

After have been working as Project Manager for almost 2 years, I decided move back to technical field. Perhaps this is more secure and suit my interest in the long run. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot of project management in the past 2 years, how to chair a meeting, lead the projects, etc. Those experiences really have added a significant values to my future career as well as to my part time business management skills. I hope I am choosing the right position and feel more motivated to work and learn extra technical skills. Tired on changing company as I hope to settle down and bring my business up to speed and... dreams come true!