Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Durian, durian.. mari.. Our team building

I was so glad that our department had organized a durian team building this time... as I am a durian lover, so it is kind of excited to taste variety of 'branded' durian with FOC (company paid for it.. hehe!). We started our journey at 1pm.. all the way to Balik Pulau (a Penang's village which has the most durian farms). We were tasted 'ang har" ('red prawn'), "cheh kak" ("green skin"), and many more.. yummy, I really enjoyed with all the 'branded' durian.. great satisfaction!
One of the durian tree.. ever see durian tree before?

Chicken also have interest to taste it? Haha!


I'm sorry.. control your slaver, please!

Monday, June 8, 2009

煮家男人 - simple lunch of the day


Simple lunch of the day.. less than 30 mins to complete the cooking.
Damned boring day, guess I may go out later..

Fried Chicken nuggets

Yellow bean + fried eggs

Mixed vegetables

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kopi Peng + Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun.. yummy!

I was discovered this kopitiam from my friend's blog Foods Hunter - 猎食族 - Sin Sun Vood Kopitiam, located at Cintra Street, Georgetown. Nowaday, we are hardly find a nice Kopi Peng (Malaysian's Ice Coffee with milk), especially those kopitiam operated by the new generation.

After visited Foods Hunter's blog, I decided to go there have a try for the kopi. First impression, the environment is good.. as what CN has described in his blog, you will find a lot of antique furnitures in the shop. When looking at the antique furnitures, it has reminded me on my dad's kopitiam... the tables, chairs, also the counter. It is hardly find in the modern kopitiam now.

The Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun, taste good..! I was so happy when discovered my favourite's Curry Chee Cheong Fun from there.. I really miss it as unable to find real nice Curry Chee Cheong Fun for years. The curry was good and traditional.. I like it very much! If you wish to know more about this shop, please visit Food Hunters blog, you will learn more about the location and the story about this kopitiam. :)

Kopi Peng Kau (Rich Ice Coffee) - RM1.20 per glass. You really need to try it out, taste good!

Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun - original & traditional curry chicken taste
RM 3.80 per plate

The store was managed by an Ah Ee.. (old aunty)

Nice environment - you can find a lot of antique furnitures in the shop

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

面书 - Facebook (FB)

最近在FB (面书) 找到多位已失去联络的中小学朋友,觉得蛮开心的。对于那些好久都不见的朋友,蛮期待他们的状况。在闲聊的当儿,获知老朋友们大多数都已身为人父/母了。

感觉真的不可思议,时间真的过得好快!在我的脑海(印象)中,老朋友们还是穿着学校的制服,是个中学生的模样。。哈哈!不过,当看到他门目前的照片的时候。。嘿! 个个都是成年人了,成熟了,不再是以前的学生样子,觉得有点怪怪和蛮有趣的。。 :)

FB is a great tool that really helps to re-connect back all the old friends/relatives that we've lost contact for quite sometimes.. no matter where and when... around the globe.