Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rest a night in LA

After struggling for about 23 hours, finally I reached US now. I am staying one night in LA, before proceed final destination to Chandler, AZ tomorrow. I am staying in Shareton Gateway Hotel, the hotel that I normally stay when visiting LA. It is now 8:01pm local time here, 26 May...I earned another day after traveling for about 24 hours ;). I hope tonight I will have a good sleep instead of opening my big eyes for the whole night long. Oh goosh.. jet lag, I hope I can settle down asap so I won't suffer for this few days and by the time I get used with the time zone here, I will go back to home. Just settled my dinner with a cup of noddle - nice taste, curry noddle :) Tomorrow I have to depart to airport at 7am to catch up my 9:41am flight, just in case the airport is crowded with my people (today is US public holiday).

Monday, May 26, 2008

Travel AGAIN! This time to Arizona

Today I travel again. This time I fly alone..in Singapore airport Terminal 2 now. I feel so down and sad today, probably I am sick and not really recover yet, and now I am sitting here and waiting for my next connecting flight (4:15pm) to depart to LA. Actually I don't really feel happy to fly this time...and I forced myself.. I hope no more traveling for me, it is enough!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More pictures on my discus fish

Nothing much to blog today.. :) just to share some of my recent discus fish pictures. They are growing bigger and bigger now!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday To You, CJ!

Happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you..happy birthday to CJ.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Times flies, you are 3 years old boy now, you are no longer baby boy :) But I still used to call you "baby.. baby", haha! The birthday cake at the left hand corner - we bought it and celebrate your big day (4 May) at Genting, during our family vacation. Although it is small, but yummy yummy.. you enjoyed tasting it!

This year you've celebrate your birthday for 2 times.. wow! 1st time at Genting, during your actual birth-day. 2nd time - on yesterday, where you celebrate your big day with your little baby sister and 'Ah Ma'.. The birthday cake shown at the right hand corner, a big cake with so many fruits.. taste so good.

Imagine... when your daddy and mommy were small, we were not as lucky as you, everyone is so caring of you, especially your parent, grandpa and grandma.. now you have teachers (Teacher Lee, Teacher Wan, Teacher Rama and Teacher Ping Ping) and friends (Ee Heng, your good friend) are caring of you too , you will have a joint party with your friends who born in May (according to teacher Diana, the party will held on 24 May.. wow..!)

Wish you always healthy, smart and 'sayang' everyone who 'sayang' you! Remember to value what you gain so far.. Meanwhile, you maybe too small to understand what is 'value' meant for. But I hope you will learn it and appreciate it when times come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Photo sharing - Folsom Trip, April 2008

All this pictures were taken from my PDA.. so the resolution a bit lousy but still acceptable :) Sorry for keep you waiting to view the pictures as I was quite busy last week, traveling back to home and prepared for my personal vacation with family.

Hilton Garden Inn - where I stayed for a week in Folsom;
Scott's - one of the restaurant that I visited for the expensive dinner.

Toyota Corolla (or Altis in our home country) - the car that I rented and drove during this trip. Haha.. wanna buy the 4 digits? 5XTK764.. should be 5764?! Not a good number indeed.. hehehehe...