Monday, November 30, 2009

Extra gift from God

Many people asked me :"How many kids do you like to have?" Mmmm.. my common answer is "Just 2, as I have already got a boy and a girl, that's enough and perfect!". Nowaday, it is not easy to have many kids as compare with our parent's time. Everything is money, working parent.. education, living expenses are high and many things more. Importantly, we are planning to focus on work + business + 2 kids in this few years.. we dont have extra time.. and 24 hours really not enough for us!

However, we've received an extra bonus from God in July, it is pretty shock when we discovered we are going to have a new family member soon. This time we dont really feel excited as compared with the previous pregnancy., as that is really out of our plan! Times flies, we are going to welcome our new born in another 4 months.. and we've accepted the fact.. why not?! Extra gift from God... he sure will be our best and great family member! We got to appreciate and just re-plan everything! No matter how, I believe we are able to handle it and nothing is impossible! Boy..welcome... our beloved bonus gift!

Last but not least, we got to make sure no more extra bonus after this gift. 知足常乐!