Monday, June 30, 2008

Renovation in progress

Our centre is under renovation now... work in progress. Feel excited and many things need to be done, but enjoy the process and learn through experience.

Partition for 4 classroom Small classroom
Receiption areaEntrance to kitchen (dining) area

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally, we've signed up the agreement

Today we've decided to sign up the franchising agreement and paid 50% of the total commitment fee. No turning back anymore! We've got to start facing the challenges now, worrying.. uncertainty. I hope we will clear all our doubts after attending the orietation program. Many tasks are waiting for us to work out. Really have to work hard (& smart) and seriously.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Watching Baseball Game in Arizona

It was a great experience to watch live baseball game in US... although I don't really understand the rules. Overall I enjoyed it! The stadium is nice and the environment is good. This is a special occasion organized by our team during the face to face meeting in Arizona.

Shall we take the risk?

Planning to setup own business since last year, survey and perform some research to decide what kind of business are the best choice for us: bakery or education? We've engaged few franchisors since last year to understand the business plan and opportunities. Thursday I called up the franchisor for 2nd time, wish to understand further details on the business plan and how could we kick off the startup plan, probably we plan for 6 months to get the business started. Well, unexpected - the franchisor told us that they will move their existing business center, together with their learning center (which is operating directly by the corporate) from KB to Penang by Aug 3. And the franchisor seems to give us chance to take over their learning center via the franchising program. The total startup cost is about 65K...we have to make decision by next Wednesday whether to accept the offer. However we feel it is too rush for us and also lack of confidence, mentally is not ready to get all this done within 2 months. But this is a great opportunity, as we can save a lot of startup cost since the franchisor will supply us the existing furnitures, aircons with FOC.. which they move it from KB learning center. The shoplot in Penang has been chosen and surveyed by the franchisor, everything are ready.. the only thing is try to open our mind and accept the offer..! We are quite worried now - "Are we ready to face the challenges? Are we able to handle our own business? We have enough working capital? Can I support our monthly expenses with I alone continue working and let my wife tender her resignation? Any finanicial issue when business still in early stage?" So many doubts and concerns. Mmmmm.. a lot of worries and stress have to face now, but if we really able to cope with it, I believe we can make it. Well, if we dont accept this offer, we may regret in the near future. Perhaps we have to be brave, and step out our very 1st step. God bless us!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gasoline price up by 78cents!

With the last minutes annoucement made by the government - this is the end result! Long long queue at the petrol station. I was part of the victims..really sick with it but I have no comments, I believe everyone have the same feelings and same comments.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gate C? Gate 3?!!!

Flying back to home today. I am now at Phoenix Sky harbor International Airport, reached here at 11am. My flight schedule is @327pm, may curious why I have to come to the airport so early? The reason is because I was sharing the same cab with my Israel colleague. His flight is at 1pm.. actually I'm OK to be here early, no harm waiting here. You know, when I was checking in, the flight information on the monitor screen were showing the gate will be located at Gate C. Thus I've directed my way to Gate C and sitting there.., surfing net and waiting for boarding. Mmm.. while sitting there for about 1 hour 30mins, I started feel weird, why there is no body here and was so damn quiet? No, no! I decided to walk away from here and re-confirm the gate information. Guess what?! The gate number has been changed from C to 3, without any announcement.. my God! I might miss the flight to LA if I didn't verify the information. So, never trust to the screen information and it may be altered from time to time, just have to be more caution, especially when we travel alone. Verify and check again!