Friday, July 10, 2009

See.. the creativity

I was invited by 3Q northern region business associate to be a judger for the kids talent competition on last month. I am not the judger of the concert but for the art/craft competition. I was impressed with some of the creativity art/craft works (using recycled items) produced by 3-6 years old kids. Good to see that some parents are not just "push" the kids for academic but also developing their creativity through art/craft classes. Sometimes I really feel sad/bad to the new generation kids as they have to face various kind of pressures from the parent in their early age.

Here are some pictures I managed to capture.. share with you.

Sea World

Bird nest

Star fish.. at the beach

Photo frame (marks were deducted as not utilizing recycled items)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ Memorial Catch Up

I am watching Michael Jackson Memorial Catch Up programme now... suddenly something came to my mind.. remind me that I've taken a picture in Hollywood Walk of Fame in year 2006. Feel sad and still can't believe MJ has left this world..

Sunday, July 5, 2009


妹, 你在阿麻(外婆)家已住了一个星期。不过,爸爸感觉上好像蛮久的。
将要抵达你外婆家的时候,看到一位穿着橙色小裙,圆圆矮矮的的小女孩背影,好可爱哦! 那不就是你吗?你小手拉大手, 拉着你大姨的手,一步步的走着.. 散步着。

当我们停下车后,我迫不期待的走向你的身边,抱起你来了! 不过你好像很骄傲哩,挣扎的要下来。你不想爸爸吗?我可好想你呀!妹妹呀,总是觉得你很爱耍性子,爱耍COOL的。小小年纪就要耍性格吗?当你妈没在的时候,你就特别的贴心-当你爸是宝,当你妈有在的时候,你就当你爸是草!你还得待在阿麻家三个星期啊!就是说我还得再等三个星期多才能够接你回家,下个星期不要再耍性格了,好吗?