Wednesday, August 25, 2010






" 因为你说要养我们嘛。。。我们嘛是狗或猫咯!"


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday Celebration For My Loved One

There were two birthday celebrations happen this month, both were my beloved women ~ one is my mum and another one is my wife. I was purposely drove back to hometown last 3 weeks to give my mum a 'little' surprise during her birthday. No special celebration, but just bought her a cake and sing birthday song to her. Initially was thinking to bake her a ciffon cake (which is her favourite), but unfortunately I couldn't have time to bake the cake for her, feel a bit sorry. However, I believe she was happy and enjoyed with the small celebration... Mum, I wish you happy birthday, and importantly, stay healthy all the times!

Next, my wife.. we've a delay birthday celebration with her as whole family was falled in sick in her actual birthday. We just have a simple celebration at a western restaurant and kids were enjoyed.