Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I decided to change the blog's title from "铭言铭语" to "刻骨铭心", I believe this maybe a better name since all the stories/experiences that I shared here.. considered 刻骨铭心 to me.
Friends, please help to update your blog's favourite link .. if you have my blog's link. :) Any comments..? You are welcome to feedback to me!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lunch of the day....

CJ: "爸爸,你可以煮 Tok Tok Nuek (蒸肉碎+鸡蛋) 给我吃吗?"
Me: "好啦好啦,今天和明天煮 Tok Tok Nuek 给你吃啦!"
CJ: "Yeh...! 好好吃哦!"

Lunch of the day - 17 Feb

CJ's favourite - Tok Tok Nuek (蒸肉碎+鸡蛋)

Me and my wife's favourite - Brocolli

Lunch of the day - 18 Feb

Again! Tok Tok Nuek (蒸肉碎+鸡蛋) - no more on tomorrow! hehehe...

炒菜心 :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

咏恩小小生日会 - 二零零九年一月三日

今年我们特别的忙碌,所以没有为咏恩搞生日派对。。只有在她的外婆家帮她唱生日歌和切生日蛋糕。明年当妈妈的生意上轨之后,在为你开一个派对吧!不过新年后爸爸会带你去摄影棚拍一岁生日专辑哦。 在此我们一起祝福你安康,快乐!


馋嘴的咏恩- 嘻嘻, 蛋糕好甜喔!!

来一个全家福! 看, 哥哥的眼睛一直望着蛋糕啊!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yong En, Happy Birthday To You!

Baby girl, Happy Birthday! Today is Yong En's birthday and she is 1 year old now!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Burger Queen... Happy New Year 2009!

Happy new year 2009! Today is the 1st day of year 2009, there is nothing special - no outing, no shopping but stay at home to enjoy our family day. My son loves to eat burger nowaday, since he tasted Burger King from KL. Therefore I decided to prepare "Burger Queen" for our lunch. Hahaha.. :) He loves it so much, his sister loves it too! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 and hope we will have a better year and global economy will recover soon.

Some pictures to share for the Burger Queen + fries / porridge preparation - Jan 1st 2009 lunch.
Vege + Tomato

Fried the chicken burger Heat the bread The sandwich Yummy..Burger Queen is ready to eat! Supplementary - fries Fish + chicken porridge for mei mei (little girl)