Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sharing more pictures on my discus..

Some of you've requested me to post more pictures on my discus.. :)
Hope you'll like it:)

Windows Tinting - My car

Oh goosh...look at my car! I have the bad experience with the cheap windows film product which came together as a free gift when I purchase my car 3 years ago... the tinted surface started peel off and bubble last year (after 2 year warranty period)..! I never trust with the cheap product anymore (although I am not paying even a cent on it), After struggling for more than half a year (yiacks..the ugly bubble surface!) - I've decided to spend $$$ to remove the spoilt tinted film. With some basic survey, I've made the final decison to go for a US product - LLumar tinted film. I would like to try out the product and hopefully I am making the right choice.. it cost me about RM1,600. Huhhh.. it is not cheap man...but I hope it is worth for the money to invest a better quality product.

This morning I've sent my car to Carlson tint shop to replace the damaged tinted film with LLumar product. Mmmmm.. after waited for 5 hours.. the final result.. quite amazing.. nice... with 7 years warranty period, I believe I have more confident and comfortable with this product and hopefully this product don't dissapoint me :) Let's wait.. and time will prove the quality!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A letter to my little princess

Today is Pearl Island public holiday.. yes, think of having a good rest at home..but my little one started making noise in the early morning.. the elder one, enjoy his school holiday too...oh no! :( That's the life of having 2 little monsters at home.

Times flies, my little princess is now 2 months plus. It is fun to see you growing bigger and bigger now. Next week will send you to your grandma's house, as your nanny not able to take care of you for more than 2 months... she will fly to her grandchild will be coming soon too! I'm gonna to miss you.. YE, my little one. I know you 'like' to cry most of the night time.. due to colic pain, it is really annoying to me and your mom, but we gonna to miss your annoying tone for more than 2 months!!! No worry, YE, we will visit you every weekend and will bring you home during public holidays. Koko will miss you too, but I believe koko will be very happy as he will be the king of the house again! Hahahaha!!!
See, there are a lot of ang pau and presents given to you during your birthday...wish you happy and always healthy. Daddy, mommy and koko will loves you all the time...!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Discus 七彩神仙鱼

The fish tank was setup since last year Nov 30.. with a very simple design..I started keeping discus two weeks later, unfortunately 5 discus were died after 3-4 weeks..although it have been taken care in 'proper' manner :(

Discus is not an easy going fish, it is very difficult to keep. Discus is shy and will get sick easily, but it is very pretty!

Times flies, after tried with errors for multiple times, without giving up.. finally those new comers were able to survive and live happily in the tank for more than 3 months!

It is kinda fun to see them swimming around....I hope the good effort will continue.. I have more confident to take care of them now :)

Tips - about discus
Discus is called "The King of the Aquarium." In my opinion, discus are the most beautiful fish one can place in a freshwater aquarium. As they name suggests, they are shaped like a throwing discus. Brilliantly colored with amazing patterns and striations, these fish are amazing to watch as they slowly glide through the water.