Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hotel stay.. @ 25-26 April 2009

One nite hotel stay in Georgetown on last weekend.., and we were having a small 'illegal party' in the room .. steamboat dinner.. :) Managed to snap some pictures to share with you. The resolution may not that good as the pictures were taken from my mobile phone.
Soup ingredient = Onion + tomato

Onion is the natural 'ajinomoto' - it will make the soup so tasty and also good for health

Mix with tomato.. taste more better

Simple steamboat ingredient: chicken breast, sausages, potato and variety of fish balls

Wan Tan balls (not so good as it is too sweet)

Done.. ready to eat now

Hey hey.. while waiting for the food, I want to do some homework..!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Comparison 昔日与今日

Have a good laugh...! Do you agree with the situation below? :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chicken a la Carte - you must watch it

Synopsis: This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

Director: Ferdinand Dimadura Genre: Drama Produced In: 2005


Feel free to watch the movie clip - it is just about 6 mins 9 sec... Very touching and we will learn to appreciate the good life, good food we have.

Friday, April 17, 2009



最近去拜訪了朋友,當我們都坐在朋友家的後院吃東西聊天時,他們的大女兒回家了。大女兒今年 18 歲 , 已經不住在家裡了。她跟著她的同居男友一起走了進來,兩個人手上都各有一枝煙。穿著很新潮,露著小肚子,後面露出腰的部份還有一個刺青。那個男孩子的手腕跟手臂上也有刺青。兩個人互相竊竊私語,有說有笑,但對外人都露出很不屑的眼神。

這讓我蠻感慨的, 我突然領悟到一件事,那就是其實父母跟食物一樣,都是有「有效限期」的。

我第一次見到這女孩時,她才8歲,跟我老大現在一樣大。10 年前我去她家時, 她可以在短短時間內,把我送的一瓶清酒上的字和圖,都一模一樣的畫出來。一個外國小女孩,居然可以把「日本清泉清酒」和酒牌上的櫻花,三兩下就輕鬆煽繪出來,我好驚訝。

自從那次以後,我經常慫恿她的父母帶她去拜師學藝。但他們永遠都可以找出一大堆不是理由的理由來搪塞我。奇怪的是她的父母一面搪塞我,卻又可以一面的跟我炫耀她女兒最近又畫了甚麼 。

突然驚覺 10 年過的好快,好像才昨天的事情,現在已經是 10 年後了。我不認為她的父母現在有資格去批評他們的女兒,因為一直以來,她的父母只顧著自己,從沒重視過她的教育問題。現在才想教育已經不可能了,理由很簡單,那就是因為父母的教育功效已經「過期」了。而且她的父母在「有效限期」內也沒努力過。

孩子在小的時候,父母對他們來說是萬能的,是完全可以依靠的。 這就是父母對孩子教育的黃金時期。等孩子一到了青少年時期,父母的「有效限期」就快到了。該說的,該教的,該做的,都應該早就都做足了,是到了驗收的時候了。這驗收的是父母的教育方針,也是孩子對外界的應變能力。「過期」 後的父母再怎麼努力,也比不過10年前來的有效了。要認知 「收手」和 「承受」的事實。

我突然很感嘆,我告訴我自己,我必須要在 黃金時期 內幫我的孩子做好面對未來的準備。因為時間真的過的很快,一轉眼就過了。我不想將來只有嘆氣,搖頭的份。是呀!父母是有限效期限的!小孩是老天爺(或上帝)給我們的禮物,當你不珍惜的時候, 老天爺(或上帝)就把這份甜蜜的禮物收回了.

Monday, April 6, 2009

One Customer 5 cent, 1000 customers=RM50.00!!!

Imagine... when you make a payment to a supermarket cashier, she said (with very unfriendly or like owe her $10,000 look) "I don't have small change, so I will charge you 10 cent instead of 5 cent.".. what will be your reaction? Maybe to certain people, they just leave it.. since just 5 cent. But imagine, if one person 5 cent, 1000 customers will be how much? 50 dollar! To me, 5 cent is nothing.. and we can't buy anything with 5 cent, but this is not a good reason or excuse given to the customer. As a large wholesaler company (name started with G, "Orang Besar" located in Bayan Baru), can't you prepare the small change to your customers? You are not operating your business at the road side, or selling nasi lemak - even a hawker selling bread said - "Never mind, since i don't have change, discount for you 5 cent la.." ..big company like you should learn from the hawker! SHAMEFUL!

WHAT NO CHANGE? Or you just simply thought everyone is ok and trying to cheat your customer? This is a very basic principle or customer rights where we have to pratice, don't obey but have to ask for it- no matter how much is it..I rather donate the small change as a charity than being cheated and paid to the cashier (I believe they will "masuk" owned pocket). Thus I insist the cashier to pay me back the change, but she declined and just don't care of me (not staring at me and really impatient look). What the hack.. man?? This is so called a customer service? I was then visiting the customer service counter and complaint to the person in charge, SURPRISINGLY they LAUGH and said "oh ya, the cashier suppose to give you back the small change!" .. yes, end up, they pay me back.. but with a very funny look and keep on laughing! Laughing..?! Fine, I will make a report to consumer service department soon, dare to laugh more!

I don't think I will visit this store anymore........

DO you facing the same experience before? Remember, 5 cent is nothing but it means a lot if they cheated 1000 or 10,000 customers!

P/S: The receipt is still with me... with the cashsier name.. just scannned it and share with everyone :) but it is a bit blur..